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Tips For a Stronger Stamina in Bed

Have you always been insecure when it comes to your performance in bed? Have you ever experienced problems with premature ejaculation, which you wish to remedy for better sexual intercourse? Do you feel like you always fail in satisfying sexual urges of your woman?

How To Last Longer In Bed For MenPremature ejaculation in men is not as uncommon as one would think. In fact, it is a psychological and physiological condition that can be triggered by a variety of factors including stress and anxiety. There are also some men who want to improve their sexual prowess because the average guy usually lasts between five to ten minutes with their partner.

Treatment of premature ejaculation can be as easy as following these simple steps. You can easily improve the muscle tone and extend your ejaculatory threshold by doing pelvic floor muscle training, Kegel exercises, masturbatory techniques, sexual therapy, and other recommended methods and strategies as listed in this guide for better sexual satisfaction for you and your woman.

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Prolong your stamina

Masturbation is a surprisingly effective and recommended technique to develop resistance against premature ejaculation. When you are practicing, keep in mind that you are not the only one who is trying to reach sexual satisfaction.

Try to work up the sensation for as long as 20 minutes. And instead of a mindset that is only concerned with a quick climax, go with the recommended start-stop method for delayed ejaculation.

Prolonged masturbation also allows you to gauge your limit. When you reach the ejaculatory threshold, learn to stop just before you climax. Start up the sensation again and do this method until you reach the desired practice time.

You can also prolong your stamina just before sexual intercourse by masturbating for a few minutes prior to the intercourse. This will lessen the anticipation and arousal that would certainly and quickly drive you off the edge.

Think of your partner

Most men have a one-track mind when it comes to sexual intercourse—getting to their own climax. Thinking of your partner is more than just participating in foreplay. During sexual intercourse, instead of thrusting forward to your own orgasm, try to focus on her erogenous zones while finding a way to manually stimulate her arousal.

Pleasure her using several techniques including having to find the g-spot so she can have an explosive climax of her own. Remember, let her reach experience an orgasm first, because once you have done this, it will lighten the load on your psychological anxiety regarding premature ejaculation.

When your partner has finally achieved try achieving orgasm together with her afterwards for a more satisfying sexual experience.

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Practice techniques to lessen stimulation

While sexual intercourse is all about stimulation, if you are experiencing problems with premature ejaculation, try out some techniques that would lessen your excitement and arousal during sexual intercourse.

You can prolong the minutes of penetration by resorting to altering your techniques. If you feel like getting close to orgasm, go with circular motions instead of thrusting hard, which tends to stimulate the penis head. This will bring more arousal and pleasure to your receptive partner while prolonging the sensation for you.

Another alternative to thrusting is pressing the penis on your partner’s erogenous zone. Instead of a thrusting motion, press your penis head to the clitoral head, which will make you linger on her vagina’s entrance. This will bring her more stimulation and bring her closer to her own climax. When she has reached her sexual satisfaction, try to build up the sensation again and you can come at the same time as her for the second time.

If you feel like you cannot hold on any longer, find the muscle behind your balls, called the pubococcygeus muscle or the PC muscle and apply pressure on it. The PC muscle actually controls urine flow, but during sexual intercourse, it gives pleasurable contractions hat fire up your orgasm. Pressing on the PC muscle will bring immediate relief to your arousal.

You can also squeeze the area below your penis head and apply the pressure on the urethra to stop the ejaculatory response and allow you to hold on longer.

Use diversions

When you feel like your arousal and the stimulation from the activity is becoming too much, divert your attention from finishing ahead of schedule using strategies and tactics proven with time. Keep switching positions if you feel like you will lose it while doing a specific one. You can also try slowing down to catch your breath or focusing on stimulating your partner’s erogenous zones.

Wearing a condom during sexual activity will also be advantageous in prolonging sexual intercourse. Compared to going bareback, the condom reduces sensitivity, especially for the penis head so you can last longer.

You can also use topical anesthetic creams which can help desensitize your penis, and help you last longer in bed.

Find another position

Some men prefer the missionary pose or taking their partner from behind, which gives the best stimulation for the penis. But if you want to prolong your time in bed, go for positions that bring more stimulation for women.

Avoid missionary pose early on because this can lead to premature ejaculation. This is because the man supports his weight and brings muscle tension. During your first round, let her ride on top, because this will lessen the stimulation for the penis. Make sure that she goes slow—fast thrusting will still make you come faster.

In the event that you come on the first round, try going for a second or even a third round to get back in the game. To build up your arousal, try bed techniques to stimulate her own arousal and peak her excitement. This time, try to let her experience an orgasm first and stick with it long enough so you can join her for another climax.

Just follow these tips so you can extend your ejaculation period. With practice and self-control, you can have your partner experience a climax that she has not known before.

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