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Tricks To Last Longer In BedIf you are hoping to find tricks to last longer in bed, then you’ve come to the right place.  Premature ejaculation can be one of the most embarrassing problems any man can experience.  If you have problems orgasming too quickly, then there are a few things that you can do, to give yourself those extra crucial minutes.

Of course, you have to ask yourself, what’s the point to lasting longer in bed?  Well, there are going to be two reasons.  The first is that you want to make it more enjoyable for your partner.  Making her orgasm is basically the “Holy Grail” of sex, and if you can get there, then she’ll be begging you for more.  The second is that it is much more enjoyable for you.  You won’t be embarrassed anymore, and longer sex is always more satisfying.

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Try Though Control

Controlling your thoughts is one of the best ways to make you last longer in bed because premature ejaculation, or PE, is not a physical problem as much as it is a mental problem.  Here are a few tricks to last longer in bed if you find your mind wandering to that coming orgasm.

  • Think about her and how she feels.  Make your objective to make her orgasm.  If you are doing everything in your power to make sure that she is having the most satisfying sex ever, then you will be less likely to think about how amazing your feel.
  • Get her to the moment.  Let’s face it guys, isn’t it much easier for us to get off than it is for her?  One of the best tricks to last longer in bed is to mind your manners when having sex.  You let her first when you’re opening doors, getting in the car, using the bathroom; you might as well let her first when having orgasms.
  • If you let her go first, then it’s like giving you the “OK” to have an intense, satisfying orgasm.  This one is like that cool drink of water after you’ve crossed the finish line.  (Of course, she got there before you did.)

If you are trying to make it a point to get her to orgasm first, then it may be a bit of a journey to get there.  Hint: Women usually only orgasm when there’s lots (and I mean lots) of foreplay.

Extend Foreplay

One of the best tricks to last longer in bed is to keep the foreplay going as long as possible until she’s practically begging you for intercourse.  This has to excellent effects that you might find useful.

1.     The first effect is that you will be able to open a gap in time between her stimulation and yours.  Foreplay is a little less stimulating than intercourse for men, but for women, it is just as hot.  This will give her a “head start”, allowing her to cross that finish line first.

2.     Women don’t just get turned on in 30 seconds like men do.  For women, they have to be in the moment; their stress has to melt away, and they have to get themselves very turned on before your penis comes anywhere close to being inside her.  If you do this well, then getting her to an orgasm will be like flipping a switch.  (Well, not that easy, but you get the point.)

Foreplay will give you the extra crucial minutes that you need in order to overcome your PE.  You might be having sex for roughly the same amount of time, but to her, it’s like you lasted hours longer.  The trick is in the orgasm; hers that is.

Positioning: Ride ‘em Cowgirl

Yep, when she’s on top, you last longer.  You might not have thought it was that simple, but this is one of the many tricks to last longer in bed.  While PE is a common sexual problem, you don’t have to worry, because it is simple to fix.  Letting her ride on top will take care of a few problems.

  • Getting her on top means that you won’t be over stimulated for two reasons.
  • Men orgasm much faster when they are in control.  It is about as primitive as it gets, but men love doing the pushing.
  • Also, letting her on top means that your “sweet spot” won’t be in the tightest place insider her vagina.  When you are pretty deep inside, you might notice that her vaginal walls have a reservoir.  This will help you last longer because you won’t feel this position nearly as much.
  • Women love this position for the simple fact that they are in control.  It is not uncommon for her G-spot to be difficult to find, but believe me they know where it is. If you let her have control, then you won’t have to go looking, costing you precious minutes.

There are a few positions you can use in order to get this to work correctly.  The most effective by far are the cowgirl and the reverse-cowgirl positions.  (Reverse cowgirl is even better because you get less of a view.  While this might not seem like a good thing, for guys with PE, it may be a necessary evil.)

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Last But Not Least: Condoms

It is always important to practice safe sex, but did you know that using the right kind of condoms would keep you from orgasming much easier?  That’s correct, a simple rubber is a barrier between you and your partner.  This barrier not only protects against unwanted pregnancy and disease, but it will also give you excellent performance under the sheets because you won’t be over stimulated.  Among some of the best condoms to use, you will want to stock your nightstand with thick, ribbed, and “performance” condoms.  (Do be warned that the “performance” condoms are loaded with Benzocaine, which will make your penis go numb for a few minutes.  But hey, that’s not always a bad thing right?)

There are many tricks to last longer in bed, and these are only a few.  If you want to know, keep on doing your research, and you never know what helpful hints you might find.

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