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After sexual intercourse, most men already become soft after one climax. While this may be enough for some couples, there are those who experience premature ejaculation from time to time, so even if the man has already experienced ejaculation, this does not mean that the sensation and end result is the same for the partner. What’s more there are also times when, after a single expulsion phase, the man cannot get hard again for another round which can cause extreme frustration for the woman.

If you can relate to this sentiment, then you are probably looking for natural ways to stay hard and maybe experience multiple orgasms without having your erection deflate on you on just the first ejaculation phase. Improve your sexual stamina and let your partner experience a satisfying sexual intercourse for a long time with these simple tips.

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Techniques to constrict orgasm

If you have a partner who is willing to cooperate with some exercises that can prolong the time you reach the ejaculatory threshold. Ask your woman to be on top so she can easily do the maneuver. Then, you can have your woman put her thumb on one side of your shaft and her index and middle finger on the opposite end. That way, when you feel like you are about to climax, then you should ask her to pinch your penis firmly to cut off the sensation abruptly.

Take a few seconds of rest so that you will not be overwhelmed by the sensation before shifting positions or resuming what you have been doing.

You can also do your own exercise, provided that you warn your partner ahead of time. The start-stop method has been a tried and tested technique that both prolongs your climax response and trains your body to identify the moment of ejaculation so you can stop yourself from overheating with arousal during sexual activity.

Change sexual positions

Every once in a while, during sexual intercourse, let her have her way on the bed. Give her control and let her get on top of you for some periods of time. This way, you get to relax while she does all the work. And since there would not be any hard thrusting involved, she can then do motions that will add to her stimulation which will make her come faster. When she comes before you, then you can let your ejaculatory response go and come afterwards, assuring satisfying sex for both you and your partner.

You can also opt to do a doggy style position. While this does not lessen the sensation that you are feeling, you can try hastening her own response to climax. One goof way to do this is to find a way to manually stimulate her G-spot. This move can work to favor both of you.

By targeting her G-spot, you not only make her orgasm (which will pretty much take her mind off the fact that you will both experience orgasm too quickly) but you will also have another thing to focus on take your own mind off your arousal. Just note that finding her G-spot can actually take much effort and practice, especial if you have not done so yet.

But if you are able to do so, then you will experience a positive change in your relationship because an orgasm because of the G-spot can be very pleasurable for a woman.

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Use lubrication and condoms

When it comes to the use of condoms, most men are actually always averse to the idea of wearing one because it dulls the sensation. But in reality, this can actually extend the time it takes for you to achieve the maximum minutes of penetration and to reach the ejaculatory threshold. When the

Lubrication can also be used during masturbation. Most men do not need to use lubrication during masturbation because the sensation and motion alone are enough stimulation to result in ejaculation. This should not be the case, since you are training your body to respond to just a slight motion that does not even replicate the sensation that one gets from a vagina. This is why, when one is having sex, especially those who do not have a lot of experience with sexual intercourse, they tend to easily get off, because the sensation becomes too much for their ejaculatory response to handle.

Use lubrication even when you are just masturbating because this will closely mimic the sensation that you feel during sexual intercourse. You can also use sexual toys, like a pocket vagina for example, which can make you feel the sensation of real sexual activity. Also, there are several other toys that can add stimulation for you. Do not hesitate to use them so that you can train yourself to endure a more intense sensation when you are actually participating in sexual intercourse.

Exercise muscle control

Just as women have their own Kegel exercises, men also have their own version of this. The male version of this exercise involves the pubococcygeus muscle or the PC muscle is the organ that controls the urine flow and sets of ejaculation when stimulated properly. This is why you have to train your body to keep the PC muscle as relaxed as possible so that you will last longer during sex.

To do this, try masturbating while you are lying on the bed. Conduct masturbation slowly, building up the stimulation until you feel that tickling sensation. Stop before you reach ejaculation and try to relax the PC muscle. This will allow your arousal to cool down a bit.

This is also the reason why lying on your back during sexual intercourse can allow you to stay hard for a longer period of time.

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