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What Can Be Causing Your Premature Ejaculation

The best pleasure that one can find in the bedroom is not experiencing a satisfying climax alone—it is by letting your partner experience pleasure because of you. This is the main reason why premature ejaculation is especially frustrating for men, because next to erectile dysfunction, which can cause embarrassment, premature ejaculation, on the other hand, can leave you annoyed and have your partner feel a strain on your relationship.

Part of the intimacy is a satisfying sexual intercourse for both partners. But in the case of those who have problems with premature ejaculation caused by possible physical factors, these psychological and environmental causes might lead to frustration and a lifelong premature ejaculation condition.

But with open communication, proper knowledge of the right causes of premature ejaculation, and willingness to try all possible treatments of premature ejaculation, you can satisfy the emotional well-being of the receptive partner. So the first step to dealing with this condition is to know which cause may be the reason for your particular problem.

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What is premature ejaculation?

Unbeknownst to most men, premature ejaculation is a common condition especially for those who are younger than 40. Though it can cause embarrassment for both parties, it is especially frustrating for the guy because it can put a strain on the relationship and extra pressure for the man.

But a man’s incontinence should first be objectively gauged. The time for ejaculation is generally around five to eight minutes, so men who tend to climax at this time is actually within range, so it should not be considered as premature ejaculation. However, there are men who want to prolong their stamina or reach the ejaculatory threshold that meets the expectations of the receptive partner.

Treatment of premature ejaculation can range from simple exercises to restrict rapid orgasm to the more complicated medicines that would boost your stamina and allow you to reach the ejaculatory threshold. But the treatment depends on the cause of your premature ejaculation, so you have to get to the root of the problem.

Psychological causes

The most common cause of premature ejaculation has always been psychologically related. Studies have shown that emotions and habits that have been developed overtime can reflect on your performance during sexual intercourse.

For example, men who have been used to hurried masturbation because of their fear of being discovered can explain why they come easily and quickly. Guilty feelings can also make you rush throughout the sexual activity and result in premature ejaculation.

There is another condition that can psychologically affect premature ejaculation, which is erectile dysfunction. For those who force themselves to delay ejaculation while trying to keep themselves hard and ready, these actions can become too overwhelming, which may result to premature ejaculation. Establish a pattern with your partner, wherein you can maximize the sensations, find a way to manually stimulate her erogenous zones, and both achieve sexual satisfaction.

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This cause is not just limited to nervousness or stress prior to sexual intercourse. Several emotions that are not necessarily good for one’s health can contribute to coming too fast.

The biggest contributor is always performance anxiety. When a man wants to impress his woman, he will feel the extra pressure that can cause him to mess up in bed. Some men mistake hard thrusting as the way to make a woman come, when in reality, stimulating her erogenous zones does the trick. Instead, the minutes of penetration is shortened because the man tends to come first. Do not try to put on much of a show—just go with the flow, listen to her body, and adapt a technique that will pleasure you both.

Fast-track thinking

Most men, when they have been accustomed to masturbation, have a one-track mind with regards to sexual intercourse: finish quickly. The problem is that men and women have different ways and times of reaching orgasm, and women usually last longer in bed because hard and fast thrusting does not always do the trick.

Try to prolong the minutes of penetration and ejaculation by finding a way to manually stimulate her erogenous zones, thereby letting her reach climax faster as well. A fast-track thinking to satisfying sex is also the reason why some men who may not have any problems with premature ejaculation are still not able to reach the ejaculatory threshold that is longer than what they are used to. Savor the moment and let her experience pleasure, too.


In the cases of most young men, premature ejaculation comes more from inexperience than incontinence. Prior to their first sexual intercourse, most young men have resorted to masturbation to relieve themselves. The minutes that they can last with the sensation depends on the masturbatory technique that he uses.

There is a difference between the sensations you feel during masturbation and during sexual intercourse. For the former, it is like you are racing against time because you are trying to reach orgasm alone. But for the latter, you have to play up on the intimacy and care for your partner.

Premature ejaculation at this stage is treatable in the sense that a man who gets to have more experience will learn to realize the difference between the two scenarios. All you have to do is to be sensitive to the needs of your partner to lessen the difficulty in achieving the desired outcome.

Once you have gotten to the root of your problem, you can either practice techniques that would help you last longer in bed or opt to go see a doctor to inquire about what needs to be done.

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Marvydery March 2, 2012 at 11:25 am

The cause of my premature ejaculation is poor masturbation habits. I used to masturbate quickly for the fear of been caught. My mind has been programmed I need to come quickly and as such i can’t last long in bed.


Alan April 8, 2012 at 8:04 am

I have watched some of the 2GTS video series, and Keni is the Man! I like how he stops to chat and talk you through his thought process while he is having sex! Almost funny but very informative and helpful for lasting as long as you want to.


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