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Mistakes When Trying To Last Longer In BedThere are lots of guys out there that wish they could last just a little bit longer in bed.  Unfortunately, it isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially if the sex is really great on that particular night.  Great, stimulating, and exciting sex is one of those good problems to have.  The only issue is that they tend to make men underperform.  That really is the paradox, isn’t it?  Great sex equals low performance, and bad sex equals great performance.  But what can you do to somehow make great sex equal great performance, which equals even greater sex?  We answer that question with a few tips on how to avoid mistakes when trying to last longer in bed.

Trusting the “Hold On” Method

We try this method again and again, but it always seems to fail us.  What happens is that we are in the middle of having amazing sex, and suddenly we get the undeniable urge to orgasm.  So, what do we do, gentlemen?  We say, “Hold on!”  (Hence, the name.)

We wait for a few minutes, still absolutely stimulated to the brink for those unbearable few seconds while we keep on kissing, or doing other things, to our partners.  Yet, at the same time, going back in is all we can seem to think about isn’t it?

To your dismay, you reinsert your manhood back into her womanhood only to find out that you are just as stimulated as you were before.  You give up the good fight within the next five minutes, because the urge is just too strong.  But how can you avoid these mistakes when trying to last longer in bed?

The solution: make sure that when you are doing the “hold on” method, you are distracting yourself with other aspects that do not involve your penis.  For instance, concentrate on how beautiful her eyes are, the feel of the sheets, the smell of her hair.  It is theorized that these are what women think about the entire time, which is one reason why they can go a full thirty minutes before their first orgasm.  This is just food for thought.

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Push In, Pull Out

This method is one of the most prevalent mistakes when trying to last longer in bed for the simple fact that it anatomically and mentally just does not work.  Of course, we men have all tried it:

You start feeling the urge, so what do we do?  We commit one of the worst mistakes when trying to last longer in bed, and we completely pull out quickly, followed by a thrust inwards.  We do this three or four times, and then we orgasm before we get a chance to say, “uh, oh.”

This method is completely useless for the simple fact that you are actually over stimulating your penis head and shaft when pulling out and thrusting in rather rapid succession.  When you are constantly inside your partner, your penis actually gets “comfortable”, and you aren’t subject to overstimulation.  It’s almost as if your body goes into “sex mode”.  But, when you pull out and thrust back in, it literally makes that system work backwards.  Do you know how you feel when you first penetrate her?  Well, imagine that when you are right about to orgasm, and there’s your answer as to why this method doesn’t work.

The solution: Just don’t use this method.  There are a lot of premature ejaculations that could have been stopped if men would have just stayed inside and slowed down.  Just slow down and concentrate on something else like you would in the last solution that was discussed above.

You Have More “Control” When You’re On Top

This method is actually a good thought, but it anatomically does not work either.  It’s one of the most classic mistakes when trying to last longer in bed.  Here’s how it goes: you feel as if you are starting to orgasm, but what do you do?  You attempt to adjust your rhythm and positioning while you are still on top.  You feel more comfortable on top, and it would make sense that you are trying to stop your orgasm.  So, you do this by maintaining your control.  This does make mental sense, but here’s the biological reason as to why this does not work.

Basically, when you are on top, more of your blood can make it to your penis because of good ol’ gravity.  When you have lots of blood flow to the erection zone, you actually allow the penis to feel more stimulated.  More stimulation means a faster coming orgasm.  Just because you have control, you can’t fight biology.

The solution: get her on top!  This is, by far, the best way to avoid these mistakes when trying to last longer in bed.  When your partner is on top, it allows you to “kill two birds with one stone”, so to speak.

First, blood flow is not optimized to your erection, which means you will not have as much feeling and stimulation, buying you entire minutes.  Next, the inner parts of the vagina are actually shaped more like a balloon.  The deeper you go, the wider it seems to get, which means that her walls aren’t hugging the sensitive parts of your shaft and head, buying you even more minutes on top of that.

Second, she gains extra control, which means that she is the one who directs the rhythm and movements of the sex.  This is exactly what you want, for the simple fact that the object in sexual performance is to make her orgasm before you do.  If she is on top, then statistics have shown conclusively that she is more likely to have an orgasm.  If you want one of the best ways to avoid mistakes when trying to last longer in bed, then this is the best one of them all.

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Overall, most of this has to do with discipline and control.  If you are able to think through your own impulses, and use savvy techniques, then you can be a pro under the sheets.

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