How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation


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Pointers on How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Most men suffer from uncontrollable or rapid ejaculation, which is why it’s helpful to know how to overcome premature ejaculation to more pleasurable sexual experience. Rapid ejaculation is a common problem that occurs in men.  In fact, one every three men experience untimely climax with their partner at least once in their lifetime. The sad fact is that there are men who experience and undergo this unfortunate circumstance more than once.  Normally this situation can occur for a long period of time. Recurrent premature ejaculation can become a problem and sexual anxiety to men. And when left unresolved, this sexual anxiety will grow into a problem for you and your partner. Studies and researches have shown that it takes more time for a woman to warm up and reach her climax during sexual intercourse. This demands a need for the partner to last as long as the partner to arrive to that climax moment together. There are several factors that cause and contribute to ejaculation problem like psychological dynamics and environmental factors. Men are known to occasionally ignore the relationship between emotional stability and sexual performance. Rapid ejaculation is usually caused by stress triggered by financial matters, indifference and emotional depression. A history of repressed sexual behaviors and desires may also contribute. Immature expectations on sexual performance and lack of confidence during sex would lead to certain erectile dysfunction. Luckily, untimely ejaculation is easier to deal with than impotence and other sexual problems. Here are some pointers that can help in delaying one’s ejaculation.

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Physical Control of the Body through Practice Exercises

Overcome Premature EjaculationSexual therapists suggest several methods or techniques to control ejaculation during sexual intercourse.  One can easily learn how to delay ejaculation with simple breathing and muscle control. Masturbation is the simplest way to achieve the control of the muscles involved during sexual intercourse. Furthermore, masturbation would lead to knowing how the body reacts to sex and how to respond accordingly. Learning about how your own body’s desires and reacts will add more to your sexual pleasure. Some of the key benefits of masturbating include heightened sexual desire and pleasurable sexual experience. In fact, masturbating is advised before having sex with your partner to reduce tension and uneasiness. Talking to your partner about this can also help relax and ease your body. During masturbation, men can train and control their body and their ejaculation muscles. Regular masturbation can also lead to an increased sexual stamina and regulated ejaculation. One of the pointers in delaying masturbation is by making an effort to do it in a relaxed state and calm manner. There are more advantages that masturbation can bring about, but the most known outcome is the sensation of being aware of your own body and therefore leading to a better sexual experience.

Another highly advised method is through breathing techniques. It is important to stay serene and relaxed during sex. Uneasiness and discomfort would only lead to a disappointing outcome. Remember to relax your body and muscles by taking deep breathes when you feel that you are about to reach your climax. Listen to your partners body and learn when she is about to reach her climax. One can achieve physical control through proper breathing methods. Connecting with your partner to reach both your climax at the same time will definitely improve your sexual experience.

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Other Pointers on How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Aside from breathing exercises and physical stamina, there are other techniques on how to last longer in bed and enjoy sex longer. The PC muscle or pubococcygeus muscle is the muscle that controls the urine flow. This muscle contracts during orgasm and triggers the ejaculation control. Keeping this muscle relaxed during sexual intercourse will guarantee a longer time before ejaculation. In Kegel exercises, the movement of the PC muscles are regulated and controlled as prescribed in restructuring male impotence. The key to controlling the muscles rests on your breathing patterns and your body’s physical control. The breathing and physical exercises may take time, but they are guaranteed to deliver results. Soon, you will be able to control premature climax during sexual intercourse.

Another effective pointer is foreplay. Women are known to like foreplay during sex because women reach their climax longer than men. Learn to stimulate your partner and pleasure her and this will induce her climax sooner. There are other proven benefits that you and your partner can experience in engaging in foreplay during sexual intercourse.

Physical and mental control is very important during sexual intercourse. Diversion and distraction may also suspend ejaculation during penetration. Some men choose to think of boring things while inhaling and exhaling to distract them and prolong their ejaculation. Visualization also helps in distracting one’s thoughts while having sex. Granting this, one should avoid thinking out loud to not put off your partner.

The squeeze method is also known to make you last longer in bed with your partner. This process can be done by lightly squeezing the base of the male’s sexual organ. Stop the sexual stimulation and wait until the pressure for ejaculation stops. The squeezing process can either be done by the male of the sexual partner. This process can be done repeatedly until the climax is reached by both parties.

Another useful tip is to empty one’s bladder before sexual intercourse. Having a full bladder will add pressure to the PC muscle and the prostate and therefore arouse ejaculatory reflex. Remember to empty your bladder first before getting into bed and getting into unnecessary situation.

Sex is an intimate and sensational experience that should be enjoyed by both parties. Practice consensual intercourse to protect you and your partner’s wellbeing. In some instances, wearing a condom during sex can also prolong your ejaculation limit for a more pleasurable experience. Rushing things would only bring you more stress, take your time and talk to your partner. Practice these pointers and learn how to overcome premature ejaculation for a more enjoyable sexual experience for you and your partner.

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