How to Last Longer In Bed Naturally

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How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally by Beating Premature Ejaculation

How to last longer in bed naturally? This is one of the more common questions asked by adults who have problems with premature ejaculation and overall stamina. It is obviously a desire for many to have complete control over their sex lives. Total control almost certainly means better relationships and more satisfied partners. Be it through mental control or physical control, knowing the ways to delay ejaculation or orgasm to ensure longer sex is almost every sexually active adult’s desire.  Premature ejaculation can be something young couples would commonly experience. They have an excuse: they are inexperienced or less in the know. However, for partners who have been dating for some time, an unsatisfying sex life attributable to ejaculatory reflex problems is hardly tolerable. Lasting longer is expectedly anybody’s preference or desire. Thus, learning some ways or tricks to prevent premature ejaculation and achieve more powerful orgasms can be very helpful or advantageous.

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Premature Ejaculation and Its Role in the Problem of How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

How To Last Longer In Bed NaturallyPremature ejaculation (PE) is one of the major problems among sexual partners. Also known as rapid ejaculation, early ejaculation, and premature climax, it is a condition wherein a man ejaculates or releases semen earlier than what he or his partner would expect or prefer. Generally, premature ejaculation refers to a problem in sexual intercourse where ejaculation takes place before the partner reaches climax or orgasm. It is not as serious as the problems of erectile dysfunction or infertility but it is grave enough to ruin relationships. There is no established length of time that marks the threshold of an ejaculation problem. Some say ejaculation within two minutes from penetration can already be considered as premature ejaculation. However, a study from the 50’s showed that around 75% of men who have had sexual experience usually achieved orgasm within two minutes. The more recent intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT) basis, on the other hand, does not set an exact number for determining premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation, as a sexual problem, is considered to be more of a psychological concern. While there have been more recent studies that aim to properly quantify the issue, ejaculation problem and the associated sexual satisfaction or  dissatisfaction ultimately boil down to the perception of the male, the female, or both. Nevertheless, there are a number of factors that are widely accepted to be contributory to ejaculation control issues. Temporary depression, stress, problems with interpersonal dynamics, anxiety, and over-excitement (especially among young couples) are often associated with premature ejaculation. Additionally, neurotransmitter serotonin 5HT levels and genetic disposition have also been linked to premature ejaculation problems.

How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally – Achieving Better Sex Without The Pills and Creams

Beating premature ejaculation is the primary solution in lasting longer in bed. It does not have to involve the use of pharmacological products. It does not also mean consulting with a sex therapist or some other expert. Questions asked regarding ejaculation problems may be easily answered by gurus and other experts who have had the problem and are now experiencing better and more gratifying sex lives. Take the case of popular adult film star, Keni Styles. Who would have thought discipline and rigid training as a military man can lead to physical and mental control techniques that could be useful for better sex? Styles has developed modules for lasting time in bed that feature all natural means and ways—and anyone can benefit from these.

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One can make a good start in lasting longer in bed by addressing the naturally addressable problems associated with premature ejaculation, Anxiety and other psychological issues, for instance, do not immediately require medical or clinical treatment. They may be trained or conditioned away. It is important to learn how to calm down to reduce performance anxiety levels. There are many things that can be possibly done — meditation, hypnosis, imagery or visualization exercises. It also helps communicating these anxieties and other problems. Carnal knowledge is best enjoyed with a clear mind and anxieties should never get in the way.

Physical exercises focusing on the pelvic muscles are also deemed useful in ejaculatory control. It is important to properly train or condition ejaculatory muscles if the goal is indeed to make a more enjoyable time in bed. The ejaculation process involves biological factors that can be influenced or exercised to behave as preferred. There have been methods developed to overrule the typical action of sympathetic motor neurons as they direct ejaculation reflex.  Several researchers have noted the link of faster neurological response in the pelvic muscles to premature ejaculation. Hence, working the muscles in the pelvic area—as what most sex therapists would recommend—can do wonders. Moreover, there are also sex positions that hasten premature ejaculation so it would help knowing more about them. The “missionary” style, for example, is known to easily arouse men and induce quick orgasm—better avoid doing this in the earlier parts of the act.

There is a popular natural method for addressing an ejaculation problem. It’s called the “start-stop method” and it does not make use of any cream or pill to work. This method manipulates ejaculatory control by fiddling the penile arousal or sensations. Using this, a male allows his penis to be stimulated but immediately stops the stimulation as he is about to ejaculate or achieve orgasm. The abrupt loss of orgasmic momentum may somewhat be torturing but if lasting longer is the goal, the start-stop method can really be an effective option to try.

Furthermore, masturbation before the actual intercourse may help prevent premature ejaculation. It is recommended by many but there is a catch in employing this method. Masturbation can train the ejaculatory muscles to get more accustomed to fast-tracking orgasm. In most cases, masturbation is a resort for quick sexual pleasure so doing it too often can lead to quicker ejaculation and—unfortunately—an ejaculation problem during actual sex with a real partner. The pelvic muscles and other biological parts need to unlearn such expedited or “trigger happy” tendencies brought about by frequent masturbation. Masturbation may be effective against premature ejaculation in the first few times. The consequences, though, may not be desirable in the long run.

Unless the problem is something that really necessitates medical intervention or the professional guidance of an expert, addressing premature ejaculation doesn’t have to cost much. Males are known to be the low-maintenance and less costly species so male sexual health shouldn’t require unnecessary spending. There are expert insights and guides available online on how to last longer in bed naturally and it does not hurt trying them out first before going for the more desperate measures.

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tcc November 26, 2011 at 10:17 pm

Every man is born with premature ejaculation, so having it is perfectly normal to start with. Controlling ejaculation is something you have to learn just as you had to learn to control your bladder as a child. We get taught to control our bladders but no one teaches us how to control ejaculation.

Do not waste time or money on sprays, vitamins, herbs, dietary supplements or drugs. This is a learning problem and these things will not help you learn to control ejaculation any more than they can help you to learn to speak another language.


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