How To Control Premature Ejaculation


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How to Control Premature Ejaculation To Satisfy You and Your Partner’s Sexual Desires

Is it really important for men to know and learn how to control premature ejaculation? The best person who can answer that question is a woman or the partner. We live and exist in a world where most human beings love sex but do not talk about it. Most people, specifically women, refuse talking about sexual intercourse and its whereabouts, with their partner. It is as if women have their own privacy policy when it comes to sex. The result of this is misunderstanding and awkwardness between partners, which leads to many other problems. On the other hand, believing that love is enough for a woman to stay in the relationship is one of the most common myths about women. The fact is most woman love sex. Love, romance and fine living are definitely important when a woman decided to say “I do” to a man.  However, the one aspect that man usually ignores is that sexual satisfaction is extremely vital for woman. They definitely don’t say it out loud, but they have desires and fantasies of climaxing with their partner. Then again, the sad reality is, only a few women can reach climax with their partner. If a woman experiences ejaculation problem with her partner, she does not say it.

Most of the time, a woman will either pretend to have an orgasm or just go on with the sexual intercourse. To a traditional woman, she can be forgiving and understanding. If the awkward situation happens once or twice, woman can tolerate premature ejaculation. To a modern woman, commitment to the man will be a certain issue if her partner will not satisfy her. But if this pretending happens again, there is a big possibility that the man will lose his woman. The worst scenario if a woman is not satisfied with her partner’s sexual health, she will look for another man to satisfy her sexual needs.

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Simple Breathing Techniques for Lasting Longer in Bed

How To Control Premature EjaculationUntimely ejaculation can cause stress and anxiety to men and will also cause sexual anxiety and depression his partner. The key to achieving a lasting ejaculation is by having a sound mind and healthy body. A healthy diet and good exercise will definitely enhance your sexual performance. A good exercise coupled with breathing techniques will improve one’s sexual stamina. Proper exercise will increase your body’s resistance and this is great for your physical condition. During sexual intercourse with your partner, it is advised to inhale and exhale slowly to relax your ejaculation muscles and help you last longer in bed. Stimulate your partner’s sexual desire by moving slowly and breathing deeply. Other key benefits of breathing practices include relaxed and calm muscles during sexual interaction.

Exercising your body and learning how to control your arousal will definitely improve your sexual performance and enhance your sexual relationship with your partner. Try it and you will see the difference in a matter of few weeks. There are other sexual dysfunction that can be remedied by deep breathing and relaxation. This is a very simple and basic solution, but it can be monotonous. This is why breathing should be coupled with visualization techniques to distract your arousal. It may take a few weeks to master the breathing process, but the results are guaranteed to improve your control skills and sexual performance. In fact, your sexual partner will definitely approve and commend you on the changes. And a healthy sexual lifestyle would definitely benefit you and your partner’s relationship.

Prevent Premature Ejaculation with Practical Solutions

Sex is a mental and physical process. The factors involved in premature ejaculation are stress, anxiety and depression. The best way to deal with these factors is to gear and protect your body. A healthy diet and proper exercise will add to your body’s overall stamina. Refrain from drinking too much alcohol and taking illegal drugs. Alcohol is known to inhibit certain sensation and mental control; it will increase your desire, but take away your performance. One can barely control their own body, when one is drunk. Therefore, sexual intercourse is neither that pleasant nor satisfactory when is under the influence of alcohol.

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The practical solution is to have a healthy body and this is easily achieved through regular exercise and training your pelvic muscles. Controlling your ejaculation means training the muscles in your pelvic regions. Through breathing process and regular exercise, this can be achieved in no time. The PC muscle at the back of the sexual male organs, specifically the scrotum should be relaxed to enable a prolonged ejaculation process.

Muscle regulation control is very important in preventing untimely ejaculation during sexual intercourse. One must be able to retain and relax the muscles to calm the arousal and perform longer with your partner. In fact, physical ejaculatory reflex training exercises include strengthening and training the muscles in the pelvic area. By doing ejaculation exercises, you can clam and relax your ejaculatory reflex and therefore monitor and control your climax. Ejaculatory reflex and relaxation technique will relax and calm your muscles there, making it impossible to ejaculate.  One can also train the base on the head of the male sexual organ to refrain from over reacting during intercourse.  This will allow you to control premature climax and give you a longer time interval.  It will give you a longer time to stimulate you and your partner’s sexual pleasure more with no trouble.

Keep in mind that sex is not just about attaining pleasure for yourself, but for your sexual partner too. Satisfying both your sexual desires will lead to a healthier sexual relationship and end ejaculation problems. This may sound odd, but researches and studies have shown the connection between sexual intimacies between partners.

Ultimate sexual satisfaction is achieved whenever you’ve reached your climax together with your partner. Therefore, learning how to control premature ejaculation is very important in any relationship, especially if you want to make your relationship last with your partner.

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