How To Avoid Premature Ejaculation

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Understanding How to Avoid Premature Ejaculation

The key to understanding how to avoid premature ejaculation is to first recognize what impulsive ejaculation is. Ejaculating prematurely is recognized when a man ejaculates shortly after sexual penetration. This means the impulsive ejaculation happens with very marginal sexual stimulation. And because the person ejaculates early without intending it to occur for both parties, this can lead to disappointing sexual experience. There are many ways one can prevent premature or untimely ejaculation. But one must first realize and understand how the body functions and what is causing this situation. Most guys ejaculates or reach their climax earlier than most girls during sexual intercourse. By definition, it is only considered as ejaculating prematurely when one comes within two minutes of actual sexual penetration. The untimely ejaculatory reflex can cause dissatisfaction and disappointment for you and your partner. There are several factors involved in this case. Few of the most recognized are the psychological imbalance, stress, anxiety and emotional displacement. But most of the time the physical factors are easier to deal with because on can easily gain complete control with their physical body.

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Gaining Physical Control of the Body for a Pleasurable Sexual Experience

Avoid Premature EjaculationUntimely ejaculation can happen to anyone. The easiest solution is to train one’s body and put an end on that ejaculation problem. A Buddhist proverb states that our body is our temple. This is quite true. We have to make sure that our body is in perfect health to prevent any unnecessary diseases and ugly situations. After all, prevention is the best cure. Our mind and our body have a balance and a connection, which is why we have to have a good eating diet and a balanced exercise. Our body needs healthy and nutritious food as well as a regular exercise for our mind and muscle control. Sexual intercourse involves several muscles of our body. It is very important to understand that our body’s muscles contribute in a more pleasurable sexual experience. Getting a health check once a month would also improve overall health and body resistance. Furthermore, a healthy body can perform better during sexual intercourse. A healthy mind and body fusion gives way to a more pleasurable sexual experience.

Having control over your body will best suit you and your mental health, too. Gaining physical power over your body will definitely improve how you handle and maneuver your performance. When you feel light and healthy, you will lose all those previous performance anxiety that keeps you from enjoying the sex.

One of the main causes of physical weakening is poor diet and lack of exercise. If you want to have a healthy and light body, healthy diet and regular exercise is the fundamental key. Once you eat a healthy diet and do a regular exercise, you will feel light and good about your physical body. And you are already on your way to putting an end to premature ejaculation. It is easier to control your muscles when you have a sound mind and a healthy body.  Your mind and your body is the foundation of your wellbeing. Having a healthy mind and physique will also prevent and stop other problems you might be experiencing. Stress and anxiety will also be reduced. There are lots of benefits a healthy body can bring to your advantage. One of them is controlling your ejaculatory muscles. And with proper practice you will learn to delay your ejaculation and enjoy sexual intercourse more.

Breathing exercises will also be beneficial in controlling your ejaculation. It is advised to breathe and relax your muscles when you are about to come during sexual intercourse for a more pleasurable experience. Stress and anxiety would only add to depression and imbalance and cause sexual dysfunction. Most cases of untimely ejaculation occur because of these psychological factors. Having a sound mind and body will definitely decrease these contributing factors. Depression is one of the root causes of precocious ejaculation. Reducing the factors that causes one’s depression will definitely add up to one’s sexual stamina.

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Healthy Body for a Sound Sexual Health

Diagnosis of premature ejaculation includes a complete physical condition examination. Discussing ones sexual and medical history is also necessary because untimely ejaculation is directly affected by our physical condition. Of course, there are many causes and contributing factors in ejaculation, but the most apparent is the physical and psychological imbalance.

Medical treatment is not needed is ending this ejaculation problem. However, some psychiatrist would prescribe anti-depressant pills that can help delay ejaculation. Condoms are also known to help prolong coming in most men. The most effective and healthy solution is to have a healthy body. One can also practice relaxation techniques and diversion or visualization to delay ejaculation. There are methods and techniques that are often called ejaculation exercises to enhance those muscles that control ejaculation.

Avoiding alcohol, tobacco and other illegal medication pills will also add to a better sexual experience. Talking to your partner and consulting with their sexual desires and simulations would also improve sexual intercourse. Some of the erectile dysfunctions occur because of misunderstanding between the couples. It is best to talk about things rather than to leave them hanging and unsolved. This way you would enjoy time with your partner and not hurry nor worry about other things.

Practicing certain sexual methods and techniques with your partner would also improve your sexual experience. There are control skills, techniques and sexual positions that may attribute to proper ejaculation timing. Consult with your partner and listen to her body, too. Being aware of both of your sensation would give you more connection. Recognizing and controlling the sensation will better acquaint your body to this feeling and would give way to better control and adjust your ejaculation process.

There are many factors that cause untimely ejaculation, but most of it is up to you. Gaining control over your physical health and body would stop these problems and give way to an improved sexual experience with your partner. Understanding your body and your partner’s body will definitely help in how to avoid premature ejaculation.

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