Delaying Ejaculation

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Tips to delay ejaculation

Are you one of those guys who want to last longer in bed so they can pleasure their woman more? Do you think 10 minutes of penetration should not be enough to reach the ejaculatory threshold? Are you looking for ways to maintain your erection just so your partner can climax ahead of you?

If you said “yes” to all of those questions, then you are one of the several men who are trying to improve their stamina in bed. Since the intravaginal ejaculation latency time for men usually clocks n at five to eight minutes, some people think that whenever men come before women, it is a sign of premature ejaculation.

To some extent, this can be true, depending on the reason of the ejaculation. Premature ejaculation usually occurs because of psychological and environmental factors, inexperience, anxiety and stress, or the one-track mind of men who rush through sex. To eliminate this problem, try to achieve controlled but delayed ejaculation to both prolong your pleasure and heighten your partner’s own orgasm.

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Do breathing exercises

Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises

People do not realize the importance of having a stable well-being in order to last long and have satisfying sex all night. Not only will this calm your arousal in the event that you already feel like you are overheating, but it will also keep you relaxed.

Deep breathing is even better because you will have something to focus on while having sex. When breathing, concentrate on doing deep inhaling and exhaling, which will take your mind off the feeling of sex. It can even push the vision in front of you away from your mind, so you would not have to rush through it.

You can also practice deep breathing while doing masturbation. Remember, that masturbation is similar to sexual intercourse—you do not have to rush through everything, and deep breathing and meditation will actually help you hold on and last longer. In addition, longer you take to finish masturbation or reach the ejaculatory threshold, the more heightened your arousal will become, preparing you for an explosive ejaculation.

Other emotions that can trigger premature ejaculation include anger (so you have to try and resolve these issues before sexual intercourse), fear (paranoia over being caught or sudden pregnancy), or shame (similar to performance anxiety, only this does not have to be because of inexperience).

Do not rush masturbation

As previously mentioned, rushing through masturbation is not good because it will train your body to have the one-track mind of getting to the end as quickly as you can. If you have been trying masturbatory techniques when you were in your adolescence, you may have already made the mistake of rushing through the feat, either because you are afraid of being discovered or perhaps you just do not know the right way to masturbate.

You have to train your ejaculatory response to be more delayed. Practice masturbatory techniques for 30 minutes. Whenever you are feeling like you cannot hold it in, do deep breathing or try the stop-start technique. This actually has a two-fold benefit for you. Not only do you train your ejaculatory response to be more delayed, but you also feel a deeper sensation because stopping just before ejaculation actually prolongs the tickling sensation that precedes the expulsion phase.

Also, try not to visualize an erotic scene too intensely because that will break your focus on deep breathing. As much as you can, focus only on the sensation of the motion on your erection so that you will not be excessively aroused. For instance, you can use adult magazines during masturbation but try to gradually escalate the excitement instead of getting into the mood too much and rubbing hard to make yourself climax in a matter of seconds.

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Switch positions while in mid-activity

For most men, dominating the receptive partner during sexual intercourse is a pleasant experience. Some enjoy looking down at the face of their partner below them and enjoying visualizing the entire activity, which adds to their arousal.

This missionary pose, coupled with the excessive visualization, can speed up the ejaculation process. The reason for this is that the missionary position forces the man to exert a lot of effort. While he is already carrying his weight on both arms to hold himself up, he is also doing all the work by thrusting hard to prolong the minutes of penetration.

Let her take control in bed sometimes. When she moves according to how she likes it, the sensation for you may not be as intense which is better for allowing you to last longer in bed

Steady thrusting motion, not jerking

When men are nearing orgasm, some men can realize this because men tend to start jerking uncontrollably, losing the controlled pace that they had when building up towards ejaculation. When you are on top of your partner—especially if she is not in the mood to do the work in bed—try to focus your hip movement to follow just one motion at a fluid pace.

This may seem hard to do, given how you will feel really into the sex while nearing the expulsion phase. But with the right practice, you can train your body to withstand the jolting feeling of a grappling orgasm until the last moment when you come inside her.

If you are looking for a way to delay your ejaculation, or if you need more encouragement in order to achieve a delayed ejaculation, click on here to read about how you can for have a super human stamina while you make your partner experience an explosive orgasm.

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Tanay Kumar Das June 18, 2011 at 3:07 pm

One of the main causes of premature ejaculation is when you concentrate too hard on not ejaculating fast. If you think positively that you will not climax before your partner and learn to relax, you will endure a much longer lasting and pleasant sexual experience.


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