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Delay Orgasm or Prevent Premature Ejaculation for Better Sexual Pleasure

Delay orgasm to help your partner reach and enjoy her climax. What could be more admirable than a man who thinks about his woman’s pleasure? Your woman silently asks for it — she’s wishful thinking. Now, the only problem is: Can you do it? Can you do something about premature ejaculation? Can you make lasting longer in bed a possibility for your partner? Ejaculation control is not something really new. For years, it has been common knowledge that women find it more difficult and longer to achieve orgasm. It is no secret that many women have been “suffering” from a chronic deprivation to achieving climax.  An ordinary woman may have already had six children but it is not impossible for her to have never achieved orgasm ever in her life. Therefore, it’s only proper to give back. It’s only appropriate addressing an ejaculation problem if there is any. Women deserve to enjoy sex and it’s the men’s job to put those ejaculation muscles to work to share with women the ecstasy of an orgasm.

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Premature Ejaculation and the Need to Delay Orgasm

Men have to show some understanding for their women and delay orgasm. It is a well-known fact that women take time to reach the peak of sexual pleasure. Men, on the other hand, are almost naturally sexually sensitive and reactive. They orgasm more quickly so they naturally get to enjoy the most part of sexual intercourse more often. Worse, they may be suffering premature ejaculation problems and they just don’t realize it.

Premature ejaculation is a condition wherein a man ejaculates, releases semen, or attains orgasm earlier than desired or expected. It is known by a number of other terms including rapid climax, premature climax, early ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, and the acronym “PE.” It does not appear as anything that would endanger health or lead to any critical condition in the future. However, it is one issue that can cause problems for couples. It is classified as a sexual dysfunction. Though remotely as despairing as other sexual problems like impotence and erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation needs to be addressed. The good thing about it is, often, it can be simply resolved through natural means. Many would consider an ejaculation problem to be one that is premature through some time element. If one ejaculates within two minutes from penetration and pumping, it can be considered a case of PE. There are, however, no established criteria or standards as the determination of the problem varies from one person to another or from one case to another.

Premature ejaculation is linked to a number of sources or causes. Psychological and environmental factors are some of these causes and they include temporary depression, a history of sexual repression, lack of confidence, performance anxiety, problems with interpersonal dynamics, and extreme arousal. These are problems hardly associated with women when it comes to sex. Hence, men need to work twice as hard if they were to provide better sexual gratification for their women.

How to Delay Orgasm to Achieve Better Mutual Sexual Pleasure

Delay Orgasm For PleasureCuring premature ejaculation does not have to involve medications or complicated programs and routines. There are natural and easy to do ways that can be employed in beating premature ejaculation problems. Being able to attain ejaculatory control is not physically impossible and such control could be achieved through mental control, physical control, or a combination of both. The solutions could be as simple as breathing techniques, exercises for the pelvic muscles, the start-stop technique and squeezing, and modifications in the positions used while having sex. The option of masturbating prior to having sex can work but most of those in the know would recommend using it only as a last resort. Masturbation has the tendency to make the body more comfortable with quick orgasms and as such, it may just counteract with efforts to prolong climaxing.

The use of breathing techniques is similar to employing meditation to calm the body, soothe the mind and relax the muscles. They have effects that can be likened to what other calming routines could deliver. Done properly, breathing techniques naturally bring the muscles to rest. Likewise, they enable more efficient use of energy to keep stamina up throughout the whole duration of the sexual intercourse. Deep breathing when one is about to reach orgasm can also produce the effect of preventing complete ejaculation.

The typically recommended physical exercises for the pelvic muscles are also worth trying. Sex therapists recommend them and most of those who have tried them aver positive results. Ejaculatory muscles located in the pelvic area, when properly trained and subjected to constant and conscious physical control, can be manipulated to delay ejaculation by preventing stimulation from eliciting the normal transmission of sympathetic motor neurons. It’s not impossible for the human body to achieve and adult film starts can easily prove that they can be done. The ejaculation process relies on stimulation and the reactions of muscles in the body. To gain complete or even just partial control over these muscles can already mean a big advantage.

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The oft-mentioned “start-stop” method, coupled with the “squeezing,” is also one of the things to consider doing to prevent premature ejaculation. Doing the “start-stop” can be a mood killer of many but it is a highly recommended way for effectively beating premature ejaculation.  The idea is to simply prevent orgasm from happening by either cutting off the sustained penile stimulation or by introducing a different sensation that cancels further stimulation or breaks the momentum for an ejaculation. Here’s where “squeezing” is employed and it is done through the squeezing of the lower tip of the penis for a number of seconds until ejaculatory reflex is finally dispelled.

Lastly, it helps modifying positions while having sex. Some positions are more prone to facilitating premature ejaculation than others. It is recommended to avoid doing the missionary style while a couple is still in the earlier stage of the intercourse. Going missionary can lead to an uncontrolled ejaculation problem since it exposes the more sensitive parts of the body to greater stimulation. The female superior (woman on top), side-to-side, and rear entry (doggy) positions are more advisable since they are likely to avoid or minimize muscular tension.

Premature ejaculation is a real problem for a sexual relationship. No sexual medicine can instantly remedy it but a man’s desire to better sexually satisfy his woman through ejaculatory control techniques. The key is to achieve better mental and physical control over the ejaculatory muscles to delay orgasm and to make sure your woman can keep up and wouldn’t have to fake her climax just to make it appear that there is mutual sexual pleasure.

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