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Deep Spot OrgasmDeep Spot: The Second G-Spot

There are only a few things in sex that baffle men beyond believe.  The simple reason for the confusion is that in sexual terms, women are almost completely different creatures than men.

It has been said that men can be stimulated quickly, have sex quickly, and orgasm quickly, but overall, the experience wasn’t very intense.  For women, all three of those take much longer periods of time, but when they reach the orgasm, it is like watching fireworks on the forth of July.  There is nothing like watching your partner having an orgasm, especially one that came from G-spot stimulation.

Of course, the problem has not always been a debate about the existence of the G-spot; the debate has been more concerned with how to find it.  The G-spot is elusive to some men, as it is not always readily stimulate by the normal action of sexual penetration.  The theory is that men need to employ a “come here” motion with their penis inside the vagina.  If he can get her on top of a pillow of some sort, he may have the leverage to get there.  But, is that the only “spot”?  The answer is no.

The G-Spot Sequel

There is another spot that women have.  This spot has gone by several names, such as the “Alpha spot” “A-Spot” or “Deep Spot”.

Basically, the Deep Spot is a secondary part of the inner vagina, almost near the cervix, that is stimulated causing what some have said to be a “violent orgasmic reaction”.  It is said that the Deep Spot is actually some type of gland that is the female version of the male penis head.  This is essentially the most sexually stimulating part of the female reproductive system.  In simple terms, it is the Cadillac or her vagina.  But, how do you find this A-Spot, and how can you stimulate it?

There are a few things that you will need to do, but this will come with lots and lots of practice.

Deep SpotFinding the Deep Spot

If you are looking for the Deep Spot, then you are going to need to go deep… very, very deep.  In fact, you will likely have to go so deep (depending on both of your sizes), that she might just have to be on top.

Now, the Deep Spot is going to be located near her cervix on the front side of her vagina.  This is one reason why you may need to be a bit careful when you are looking for it, as it has been said that running into cervical tissue is rather painful for the woman.  Cervical tissue is extremely sensitive, so use caution, as you may not want to get thrown off of the bed, and wake the tenants downstairs.

Next, you will probably only be able to rub up against it, stimulating this spot with the very tip of your penis.  Believe it or not, this Deep Spot is so very sensitive, that that may be all you will need.  If you do this in a rhythmic and consistent stroking pattern, you may just watch an orgasm of the likes you have never seen.

The Deep Spot Orgasm

Essentially, the reason why the Deep Spot orgasm is so intense is the fact that it possesses the highest concentration of sensory receptive sexual nerves.  In addition to that, it has the most protection from stimulation, unlike the clitoris.

The clitoral orgasm is actually a rather intense one, at least compared to a male orgasm, but like the male orgasm, the clitoris will actually be sensitive after the orgasm has taken place.

The Deep Spot orgasm has no sensitivity after wards, which means that it is one of the keys to having multiple orgasms during one session.

Now, think about it: you will be able to give her some of the most intense orgasms she has ever felt in her entire life, and then you will be able to do it multiple times during sex.  She will think you are a super hero.

Both Spots

One of the best ways to maximize sexual stimulation is by increasing the amount of foreplay that occurs during sex.  One of the reasons for this is the fact that it takes longer for women to become aroused, and like men, blood has to fill the necessary places for proper stimulation to occur.

Of course, when the woman is aroused enough, that is when you should start with intercourse.  But, before that, here is a tantric massage trick that might be able to stimulate both the Deep Spot and the G-Spot at the same time.

What you will want to do is take your middle and index fingers and slowly play with her clitoris and vaginal walls.  Make sure that they are becoming quite wet, but if your partner suffers from vaginal dryness, then you may want to use some lube.

Once you’ve gotten her rather wet, you can insert both fingers into her vagina.  She will have to be lying on her back and your palm will have to be facing in the upward direction.  Then, with your shorter index finger, curl it inwards, which should begin to stimulate her G-spot.  Then, with your longer middle finger, you can stimulate her Deep Spot.  With both of these crucial spots being stimulated at the same time, it will not be long before she has a very intense orgasm, and you haven’t even gotten to the intercourse yet.  This is also one of the best ways to find both spots, so you are more knowledgeable about her body, making intercourse more pleasurable for the both of you.

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Finding the Deep Spot could be an excellent way to really spice up your sex life.  If you only settle for G-spot and clitoral orgasms, then things might go stale.  But, if you were able to find that Deep Spot, and know well how to stimulate it, then she will come back to you again and again.  This is the man’s secret weapon in the bedroom, bar none.

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