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Condoms That Make You Last LongerThere are many options for an impotence cure, but lasting longer in bed is probably at the top of the list for sexual remedies.  Unfortunately, millions (if not billions) of men deal with premature ejaculation, or PE.  PE has done much damage on the sex lives of many people, and much of the reasons have to do with not being educated about sex.  Some men struggle with PE and they do not even know that it is a problem.  Often times, good, sexy women think that it’s “all their fault”.  This doesn’t have to be the case, as simply knowledge about the subject can fix all that.

First and foremost, how long can you last in bed?  If your answer is something under 20 minutes, then you’ve got some work to do.  There are lots and lots of pills, exercises, and methods that you can cover, but today we are going to focus on condoms that make you last longer.  These condoms have had an excellent track record for fixing the PE problem.  Now, for those without PE, these condoms might just take the enjoyment out of sex, but for those who do deal with PE, these condoms are a godsend.  The choice is yours.

Condoms Not To Chose

If you are looking for condoms that make you last longer, then there are a few choices that you will most certainly want to avoid.  For simple and obvious reasons, certain condoms are almost designed to make sex more stimulating, but the result is that they bring on male orgasms much, much quicker.

  • Ultra Thin Condoms – These are not condoms that make you last longer, as they do primarily the opposite.  If you use these condoms, and you are realizing that you are under that twenty-minute mark, then you might have just discovered your problem.  The whole premise behind thin and ultra thin condoms is that they are highly stimulating, which is what you want to avoid.
  • Sensational Condoms – These condoms are also designed to produce both hot, cold, and tingling sensations.  These condoms can make even the best performers come quickly in the bedroom.  The reason is that the sensations that these condoms give to the male is so intense that they should only be rated for “the quickie”.
  • Condoms With High Amounts of Lubricants – Lubricants allow you to slide in and out extremely easily.  These lubricants often have sensational stimulants in them as well.  When looking for condoms, you might want to stare at the rack a little longer, no matter how embarrassing it might be if your pastor sees you.

Condoms To Choose

There are lots of choices in condoms that make you last longer.  These condoms have an excellent track record of staving off PE, and will even have a hand in stimulating your partner even more.  That is the key: make her orgasm before you do.

  • Condoms That Are Thick Walled – If you are looking for condoms that make you last longer; you might want to choose ones that limit your stimulation.  These condoms will not have that effect on her, as you your penis will not change shape, but it will have a dramatically good effect on your performance.
  • Ribbed Condoms – These condoms that make you last longer will not only limit your stimulation, but also they will increase hers.  Your best bet to better performance during sex is to get her to an orgasm first.  These will do the job well.
  • Condoms That Have Stimulants On the Surface – These condoms that make you last longer aren’t as easy to find, but they exist.  They will not have stimulants like hot, cold, and tingling sensations on the inside of the condom, but the will on the outside.  This will prevent you from feeling the effects, but it will drive her crazy.
  • Performance Condoms – These condoms that make you last longer might want to be your last resort.  One reason is that they will actually cause you to lose feeling in your penis for a while.  Of course, that might really help her out, but sex is little fun if you aren’t enjoying it.  Now, these might come in handy if you want sex to last for over 45 minutes, or you have a really bad condition of PE.  Either way, you should consider these your little secret weapon
    • Just as a note, be careful to choose high quality performance condoms.  The last thing you want is for the medicated liquid to seem out and enter her vaginal walls.  She will end up losing feeling as well, and then the both of you are up a creek.

Condoms that make you last longer can come in all shapes and sizes.  One of the best places to find the right condoms is from the comfort of your own home.  Now, I am willing to assume that you have an Internet connection, so you may want to order your brand of condoms online.  There are not many products on the market that you cannot find online, and if you need a specific type.  This is a great place to get them.  Not to mention, you can look at all the packages you want all day long, and never have to worry about running into your girlfriend’s yoga instructor while browsing the rubber rack.

Finding condoms that make you last longer should be a journey, and you will not just want to stick with one brand.  Find out what works best for you, and be sure to try to find on that both of you like.  Sex is not just about you, but it’s also about her.  The key is to finding the most stimulating, and satisfying sex of your entire life, and condoms that make you last longer is a great way to do it. These condoms may not only increase that time, but they will also develop self esteem in the bedroom.

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